European and international Networks

  • COFACE Families Europe

    COFACE Families Europe

    Founded in 1958 and with 50+ member organisations in 23 European countries, COFACE Families Europe is a network which represents millions of families, volunteers, and professionals. COFACE advocates for strong social policies that take into consideration family needs and guarantee equal opportunities for all families. Our area of work includes social and family policy, education,…



    Established in 1953 as the IUFO Commission on Marriage and Marriage Guidance (subsequently: Commission on Marriage and Interpersonal Relations), the ICCFR adopted its present name in 2001 to make clear the focus of its work. Its extensive international membership includes organisations and individuals involved in couple and family therapy, relationship education, social work, mediation, psychology…

  • Transnational Families Dynamics in Europe

    Transnational Families Dynamics in Europe

    This COST Action aims to deepen the knowledge of the growing, rapidly changing phenomenon and dynamics of transnational families (TNF) by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from different disciplines and countries to address the need for transnational insights and to formulate policy and practice-oriented recommendations with an impact on international, national, sub-local and local practices.…