Key topics


The AGF campaigns for the rights and interests of families in politics and society. It promotes dialog between the associations and the special-interest groups of the family and those responsible in family policy. In addition, the AGF supports the cooperation of the family-policy active organizations on a national and international level.

In this context, the Association of the German Family Organisations recognises family policy to be a central field in the policy of society. It is a policy cross sectional task that has effects in various different political areas, for example, education and integration policy, social and health policy, financial and economic policy, working policy and pension policy.

The topics are identified and jointly compiled by the members organisations. In doing so, AGF deals with topics and issues that are either current topics of the members organisations (for instance child and family poverty) and / or topics that are primarily worked on by the AGF (for instance European affairs). Thereare many topics to which joint positions are found and published which stimulated the public discussions. Other topics are mainly discussed internally to inspire and stimulate the position finding processes of the member organisations.

The following topic custers are of major concern: