AGF exhibitions

There are two exhibition by AGF that can both be rented free of charge:

Children’s world

Child poverty has many faces. Germany is not an exception to this fact. More than 19 % of children and young people, 2,4 million, are threatened by poverty in Germany and this is on the increase. For these children that results in restrictions on their daily lives, fewer books, sharing a room and less room for play and development. The results of long term poverty on their development, education and health can be seen immediately. Poverty is being inherited: Many children from poor families are threatened by the same destiny experienced by their parents.

German family policy

The exhibition shows the development of the German family policy. It was created on occasion of the 60th anniversary of AGF in 2014 and is linked to brochure on the history of AGF. Both the exhibition and the brochure are in German language and can be rented resp. ordered at AGF free of charge.

The exhibition is made in form of seven canvans banner: One for each decade and one additional information banner. The banner can also be used outside.