National Family Forum

Under its roof, the AGF organises and coordinates a network called „Bundesforum Familie“. This network is a forum for organisations that are committed to continuous cooperation and a comprehensive dialogue supporting family concerns. Their common objective is to actively assume responsibility for a family-friendly society.

For its network partners the Bundesforum Familie offers

  • the possibility topromote the exchange and the collaboration with others,
  • contribute in establishing family topics as permanent, integral part of social and political dialogue,
  • act as “initiator” of an extensive debate in society on family topics,
  • receive suggestions for their own opinion-forming,
  • introduce their own concerns into the discussion of topics.

The network partners of the Bundesforum Familie are organisations and initiatives of national importance that are continually concerned with family questions. The partners in the network reaffirm their commitment to

  • actively assume responsibility for a family-friendly society.
  • raise awareness from their respective vantage points into society as a whole for a change towards sustainable conditions for families.
  • campaign for a forward-looking, creative and innovative debate between science, economy, social affairs, politics and cultural affairs, promoting the family in its various forms.
  • implement the expertise gained in the discussions in their own respective work areas and spheres of influence to the greatest extent possible.
  • regard and respect different sets of values.
  • establish the consideration of family-relevant concerns as a cross-sectional task in all societal and political areas of action.
  • help replace the “structural inconsideration” of the needs of families and children with a “culture of growing up” and policies created for and with families that are inspired by their reality of life. Here, intergenerational as well as intercultural issues have to be taken into deeper consideration.

The Bundesforum Familie’s main activity is the facilitation of extensive discussion processes on fundamental topics concerning families. These discussions are organised at joint network events and in working groups that further develop particular topics more in depth. Usually, one broad theme is worked on for two years by incorporating the different perspectives of the network partners.

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