evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie (eaf) (Protestant Working Group Family)

evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie

The Protestant Working Group Family (eaf) is a collaboration of protestant social institutions, associations and national working groups, who engage themselves with the concerns and requirements of families. The purpose of this collaboration is the collective advising and representation of social, economical, legal, pedagogic and ethical questions in family policy as well as the furtherance of family advice, education and regeneration. Since its founding in 1953 the eaf has pursued and influenced the developments in all policy areas relevant to the family, as well as economical, occupational, apartment and educational policy. The eaf is a contact partner and lobbyist for family issues and involves itself in constant exchanges with experts inside and outside of the church, organisations, associations, academic institutions, federal and national ministries and with parties and parliamentary groups as well as the commissions of the German parliament, all in pursuit of this purpose. It does not offer individual counselling.