Family-specific perspectives on housing policy

The availability and affordability of housing as well as the quality of the housing and the living environment and supporting infrastructure are of crucial importance for the quality of family life.

The challenges of access to suitable housing and its affordability, which have been increasing for some time, affect all types of households. However, families have specific needs that distinguish them from other groups and individuals. Family life/cycles at certain times lead to housing requirements that change dynamically in terms of quality and space, for example alterations in the size and composition of the family. The birth of children leads to higher housing requirements. Large families therefore have greater housing mobility than smaller families or households. When children move out of the parental home, the need for housing decreases again. If parents separate, an additional flat or two flats of a smaller size commonly have to be found, often at short notice. In addition, children and young people in particular may experience stress if their social environment, school or childcare facilities change. The risks that such a change will occur are on the rise, as the housing shortage means that it is often only possible to move to parts of the city that are further from the centre.

To meet the housing requirements of families, we need to look beyond the walls of the home and focus additionally on the living environment, as it is not only the home that shapes the everyday lives of families but also the quality of the extended living environment and the social space, which have a major influence on the quality of life and opportunities for families to participate in society.

The AGF’s current paper is structured as follows:

  • Background
  • Problems of housing supply for families
  • What needs to be taken into account when considering solutions from a family perspective?
  • Living environment: Creating and maintaining family-friendly environments and family-supporting structures
  • Family-centred housing policy measures
  • Further documents from AGF members (all in German)