Photo exhibition: Children’s world

Child poverty has many faces. Germany is not an exception to this fact. More than 19 % of children and young people, 2,4 million, are threatened by poverty in Germany and this is on the increase. For these children that results in restrictions on their daily lives, fewer books, sharing a room and less room for play and development. The results of long term poverty on their development, education and health can be seen immediately. Poverty is being inherited: Many children from poor families are threatened by the same destiny experienced by their parents.

Therefore the fight against child poverty is a social issue, concerning an improvement of the monetary situations of the effected families, as well as the improvement of their future opportunities and their social and cultural participation.

In the photography exhibition “Children’s worlds”, children and young people affected by poverty give us an insight into their lifestyles. They take us with them and show us the world from their perspectives: Touching, comical, colourful, enigmatic, contemplative, disillusioning- and always direct and honest.

Our photographers are girls between the ages of ten to thirteen, from the children and youth establishment Arche e.V. situated in Berlin-Hellersdorf. Other photographers are young people between the ages of fifteen and seventeen, from two family associations situated in Scotland. These two associationsmerged together with others to form CHILDREN IN SCOTTLAND, a Scottish umbrella association for children and family associations.

The photo exhibition can be rented free of charge in form of canvans banner or in form of photo boards. The boards consist of six modules with a total of 57 photo boards, including boards of information, the majority of which are in A3 horizontal format. The number of the photos that can be exhibited is flexible. They can be hung as well as fastened with cello tape/sticky pads directly on to set boards. Please note that the set boards are not a component of the exhibition. The eight canvans banner can also be used outside.

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