Kooperationsverbund Gesundheitliche Chancengleicheit

Collaborative Network for Equity in Health

Improving equity in health in Germany and supporting health promotion for the socially disadvantaged – those are the principal aims of the nationwide Collaborative Network for Equity in Health. As a group of currently 76 institutions and organisations in health promotion which is always based on the people’s socioeconomic status, the Collaborative Network creates the professional framework and supports exchange […]

Bundesstiftung Mutter und Kind

Federal Foundation Mother and Child

The “Bundesstiftung Mutter und Kind – Schutz des ungeborenen Lebens” (Federal Foundation Mother and Child – Protection of Unborn Life) was established in 1984 to support pregnant women in emergency situations in an unbureaucratic way with supplementary financial aid. They receive supplementary financial assistance in an unbureaucratic way, which is intended to make it easier for them to decide in […]


Federal Agency for the Child and Youth Protection in the Media (BzKJ)

The legal tasks of the Federal Agency for the Child and Youth Protection in the Media (BzKJ) have been regulated in Section 17a JuSchG since the amendment to the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) came into force on May 1, 2021, and have been significantly expanded compared to the former Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Young People (BPjM).

Unabhängiger Beirat zur Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf

German Independent Advisory Board on Work-Care Reconciliation

The fact that German society is ageing in the wake of demographic change has tangible effects: along with the growing number of people in need of long-term care, there is simultaneously a drop in those potentially available to provide the care they need. Relatives of people in need of long-term care are faced with the challenge of reconciling family, care […]


National Center for Early Support

Early support services are available to parents from pregnancy onwards and to families with children up to the age of three. They are low-threshold and are particularly aimed at families in stressful situations. The services aim to strengthen parents’ relationship and parenting skills. They offer parents support, advice and guidance. The goal is to enable every child to develop healthily […]

Logo Deutscher Verein

German Association for Public and Private Welfare

A forum of social affairs since 1880 The German Association for Public and Private Welfare (Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und private Fürsorge e.V.) is the joint forum of municipalities and non-statutory social welfare organisations and their social services in Germany, private commercial enterprises, the Länder (federal states) and academia in all fields of social work, social policy and social law. […]

Logo Deutsches Jugendinstitut

German Youth Institute

Research into children, young people and familiesat the interface between science, politics and professional practice The German Youth Institute (DJI) is one of the biggest social science research institutes in Europe. For more than 50 years it has conducted research into the life situations of children, young people and families, advising national government, the German federal states and local authorities […]