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New publication by the National Family Forum: “Support structures for families – objectives, access, services”

In 2022/2023, the members of the National Forum Family worked on the thematic focus “Support structures for families: How are family support structures designed, organised and implemented in Germany?” This now published publication summarises the process, which consisted of specialist events and working group meetings. Among other things, the publication emphasises how important it is to have the political will […]

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Machbar-Report and conference

Today the conference for the presentation and discussion of the new “Machbar” report (“Feasable” report) of the Network 2030 took place. The main topic of the report is the nexus of nutrition, health, poverty and climate. The AGF is a member of Network 2030 and supported the report and the conference. The complex connections between nutrition, health and climate are […]

24.09.2018: Making a sustainable and liveable future for all

Conference and report of the network 2030 SDG of which AGF is part of. This report and conference is only available in German. Die Weltbevölkerung nimmt stetig zu und: sie wird immer städtischer. Städte gelten als Zentren der Hochtechnologie und sozio-ökonomischer Chancen. Viele Menschen in Deutschland wie auch in den Ländern des globalen Südens zieht es in die Städte. Durch […]

Privacy Protection on the Internet

[18. 12. 2012] AGF has published a leaflet raising the awareness of, especially, families for the problem of behavioural advertisment on the internet. The leaflet informs about how to protect against tracking and how to block ads with simple methods free of charge, also to beware children of being affected by undesirable content. Online ads are really annoying to many […]

Summary of FAMILYPLATFORM reports

[15. 6. 2011] The FAMILY PLATFORM aimed to develop a research agenda for family issues on the EU level. Correspondingly, reports were created, which include inter alia the upcoming trends in family policies and the current state of research. The AGF has and summarized the reports from a German perspective. From late 2009 up until March 2011, the FAMILYPLATFORM compiled […]