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09.09.2020: Expert Meeting on Eighth Government Report on Older People

On September 9, 2020, the AGF expert discussion Presentation of the Eighth Government Report on Older People: “Older People and Digitisation  – Implications for Families and Family Associations” took place. Cordula Endter from the office of the 8th Age Report presented selected contents of the report. In addition to the AGF member associations, representatives of various state AGF also took part […]

22.11.2012: Children, Care and Professional Life – what does families help to overcome time pressure? 

AGF conference on 22. November 2012 in Berlin “Children, Care and professional work – what does families help to overcome time pressure?”. Discussion on the results of the 8th family report, its findings and conclusions. The conference was held in the “URANIA” in Berlin. It concentrated particularly on the reports findings concerning the potential of elderly people and the potential […]