Cover Machbar-Bericht und Veranstaltung

Machbar-Report and conference

Today the conference for the presentation and discussion of the new “Machbar” report (“Feasable” report) of the Network 2030 took place. The main topic of the report is the nexus of nutrition, health, poverty and climate. The AGF is a member of Network 2030 and supported the report and the conference. The complex connections between nutrition, health and climate are […]

Machbar Bericht und Veranstaltung 2021 Smart aber fair

01.12.20: AGF Co-Organizer of event “Smart, but fair. How digitalization can bring everyone along”

On December 01, 2020, the umbrella organization of development and humanitarian non-governmental organizations (VENRO), in cooperation with other civil society associations, including the AGF, organized the online conference “smart but fair – how digitalization can bring everyone along”. Representatives from politics, civil society, business and the digital industry discussed the opportunities and risks of digital tools for sustainable development and […]

24.09.2018: Making a sustainable and liveable future for all

Conference and report of the network 2030 SDG of which AGF is part of. This report and conference is only available in German. Die Weltbevölkerung nimmt stetig zu und: sie wird immer städtischer. Städte gelten als Zentren der Hochtechnologie und sozio-ökonomischer Chancen. Viele Menschen in Deutschland wie auch in den Ländern des globalen Südens zieht es in die Städte. Durch […]