AGF meets chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

[26. 2. 2019] Today, the family organisations united within the AGF met German chancellor Angela Merkel for an exchange of views and opinions. The talks mainly focused differents aspects of monetary support for children and their families, quality of child care, reconciliation of family and professional work as well as care for the elderly.

The family organisations highlighted the great significance of the families and the need to support them properly. They welcomed the progress that had been made in the past months, but regret the insufficient measures within the so-called “strong family law” and “good child care law”.

Additionally they welcomed the Work-life-balance package on the European level and emphazised that now the the reconcilation of care for the elderly and professional work needs to get more attention. The family organisations argued for an effective care leave, which allows employers to to step back in their job while getting a financial compensation.

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