06.07.2022: AGF  expert discussion “Supporting parents and grandparents in transnational families

Although great progress has been made in migration research in recent decades, there are still unanswered questions regarding transnational, intergenerational support relationships. The particular difficulties faced by older people in need of care and their relatives in transnational family relationships are rarely discussed in care and family policy contexts. Furthermore, there are deficits in both knowledge and implementation with regard […]

Plenum der Veranstaltung

24 June 2022: The federal government’s plans for family policyReport on the AGF conference “The federal government’s plans for family policy

On 24 June 2022, the AGF held a conference in Berlin on the federal government’s plans for family policy in the current legislative period. In the first part of the event, the guidelines of the Federal Government’s family policy were presented by the Parliamentary State Secretary, Mrs. Ekin Deligöz. In the second part, two topical initiatives on time policy were […]

Logo der Europäischen Garantie für Kinder

30.03.2022: AGF expert talks on the EU Child Guarantee and its measures in the areas of “education and child care” and “housing”

Today, the AGF held two online expert discussions on the “European Child Guarantee”. A total of 26 experts from various associations, science and practice took part in the two discussions on the topics of “education / care” and “housing” of the Child Guarantee. The European Child Guarantee is the EU’s response to the high number of children in poverty who […]

Cover Machbar-Bericht und Veranstaltung

Machbar-Report and conference

Today the conference for the presentation and discussion of the new “Machbar” report (“Feasable” report) of the Network 2030 took place. The main topic of the report is the nexus of nutrition, health, poverty and climate. The AGF is a member of Network 2030 and supported the report and the conference. The complex connections between nutrition, health and climate are […]

23.09.2021: European expert discussion on the ambivalences in supporting people in need of care by foreign “live in” care workers

Report: Background On 23 September, the AGF held a European expert discussion on the ambivalences that arise from so called “live-in” arrangements to support people in need of care in their home. The perspectives of those in need of care, their relatives as well as the situation of the care workers and their families in the sending countries were intensively […]

Logo der Europäischen Garantie für Kinder

30.08.2021: Expert discussion “The EU Child Guarantee and the promotion of children’s access to health goods and services in Germany”

On 30 August 2021, the AGF and the Collaborative Network for Equity in Health (Kooperationsverbund Gesundheitliche Chancengleichheit) jointly held an expert discussion in Berlin on the promotion of children’s access to health initiatives, services or measures, against the background of the “European Child Guarantee”. Twenty-five experts from family associations, children’s rights organisations, science and the field of public health took part. […]

Neunter Familienbericht der Bundesregierung

01.07.2021: Event on the 9th German Family Report

On July 1, 2021, the conferene “Results of the 9th Family Report – Challenges for Politics” took place in Berlin. The hybrid conference, jointly organized by the AGF and the DJI (German Youth Institute), was attended by about 60 experts from science, practice and politics in person in Berlin and another 120 experts joined online. After several online events, this […]

Logo der Europäischen Garantie für Kinder

31.05.2021: Expert Meeting on the situation with regard to nutrition and healthy eating among children in Germany

The Association of German Family Organisations (AGF), together with the “Platform for Nutrition and Physical Activity (peb), hosted a digital expert discussion on the European “Child Guarantee”. What is the state of child nutrition in Germany? What is the content of the part of the European Child Guarantee that relates to nutrition and what must Germany do to implement the […]

Machbar Bericht und Veranstaltung 2021 Smart aber fair

01.12.20: AGF Co-Organizer of event “Smart, but fair. How digitalization can bring everyone along”

On December 01, 2020, the umbrella organization of development and humanitarian non-governmental organizations (VENRO), in cooperation with other civil society associations, including the AGF, organized the online conference “smart but fair – how digitalization can bring everyone along”. Representatives from politics, civil society, business and the digital industry discussed the opportunities and risks of digital tools for sustainable development and […]

Report on AGF Webinar Series “Supporting families in conflict situations,separation processes and divorce proceedings”

AGF has published the documentation of its series of events on “Child Centeredness and Family Support in Conflict Situations, Separation Processes and Divorce Proceedings”. The documentation is available in German and English. In the webinar series, co-hosted by the International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR) and the AGF and consisting of three international webinars, experts from Europe, the […]