19. 6. 2024: AGF expert discussion on the new non-profit housing sector

On 19 June 2024, the AGF held an expert meeting on the topic “New non-profit housing and its potential for families”. The external experts Jan Kuhnert (KUB Kommunal- und Unternehmensberatung, Hanover) and Dr Reinhard Aehnelt (Institute for Urban Research and Structural Policy, Berlin) discussed the topic with the AGF member organisations. The aim of the expert discussion was to gain […]

15 May 2024: Conference on current family law reforms

This conference has taken place in German language. The aim of the conference was to take a look at selected family law projects of the Federal Government and to discuss whether the Federal Government’s proposals are appropriate responses to the need of changes. Changes to maintenance law, custody and contact law and parentage law were presented and discussed. The focus […]

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24 April 2024: AGF expert discussion on the design of financial benefits for family-related leaves or reductions in working hours

On 24 April 2024, the AGF office hosted an expert discussion on alternative forms of financial compensation for family-related leave (such as parental allowance or the new family care allowance currently under discussion).The discussion centred on the question of how the different design principles of such benefits are motivated, how they work and what “side effects” they have. The reason […]

16 February 2024: Meeting on the CSA regulation proposed by the European Commission

This meeting is jointly organised with COFACE Families Europe. It aims to bring together delegates from German family organisations and experts monitoring the CSA regulation proposed by the European Commission in May 2022 to discuss the state of the play of the negotiations with the European Parliament and Council of the EU, and enhance understanding of the regulation’s impact on […]

13 February 2024: Expert meeting on the recognition of parenthood in Europe

On 13 February 2024, the AGF organized an expert discussion on the proposed EU Regulation on the cross-border recognition of parenthood (“Parenthood Regulation”). The AGF organisations discussed this topicwith representatives of the responsible unit within the German Ministry of Justice (BMJ) and Björn Sieverding, president of NELFA – Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations. Background In her State of the […]

30 October 2023: Impact of European migration policy on Transnational Family Dynamics

On 30 October 2023 in Berlin, Germany, the COAST Action network on Transnational Families Dynamics in Europe (TraFaDy) held a workshop on the impact of European migration policy on Transnational Family Dynamics. The specific occasion to have the workshop was the current debate on introducing a new migration and asylum pact in the European Union. A significant amount of transnational […]

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26 October 2023: International Expert Meeting on “Innovative aspects for time policy over a families life course”

On October 26, 2023, the AGF hosted an expert discussion on innovative time policy concepts. The discussion focused on the comparison of the German “Option Time Model” and the Spanish “Time Policy Action Framework” as well as the concrete political measures derived from them to support families. Experts from Spain, Germany, France and Hungary participated in the hybrid expert discussion. […]

25 October 2023: European Expert Meeting on the Care Strategy

This year’s European Expert Meeting took place in Berlin on 25 October 2023. The participants discussed the European Care Strategy, which was adopted by the European Council in December 2022. Report AGF published a comprehensive report on the meeting. Please download it here: Summary of key findings Positive impetus for care policy across all phases of life The Care Strategy […]