AGF EuropaNews June 2024

The June edition of EuropaNews has been published today, a few weeks after the world’s second largest election was concluded with the second largest voter turnout since its inception. While the awarding of top posts is dominating the public agenda, we are focusing as usual on the substantive news on family policy from the European institutions and the countries of […]

19. 6. 2024: AGF expert discussion on the new non-profit housing sector

On 19 June 2024, the AGF held an expert meeting on the topic “New non-profit housing and its potential for families”. The external experts Jan Kuhnert (KUB Kommunal- und Unternehmensberatung, Hanover) and Dr Reinhard Aehnelt (Institute for Urban Research and Structural Policy, Berlin) discussed the topic with the AGF member organisations. The aim of the expert discussion was to gain […]

Family-specific perspectives on housing policy

The availability and affordability of housing as well as the quality of the housing and the living environment and supporting infrastructure are of crucial importance for the quality of family life. The challenges of access to suitable housing and its affordability, which have been increasing for some time, affect all types of households. However, families have specific needs that distinguish […]

Bundesstiftung Mutter und Kind

Federal Foundation – Mother and Child celebrates 40th anniversary

The 40th anniversary of the Federal Foundation was celebrated at this year’s board of trustees meeting on 3 June 2024. To mark the anniversary, short films were made with nine protagonists from the Federal Foundation’s network, providing an insight into the foundation’s work. The short films and further information on the anniversary can be found on the website of the […]

AGF EuropaNews May 2024

The May edition of EuropaNews has been published just before the meteorological start of summer. The elections to the European Parliament are eagerly awaited, as are the consequences for social and family policies. Since the topic of family policy is nevertheless, and precisely for that reason, of importance, the current issue contains the latest news, studies and events. For example, […]

15 May 2024: Conference on current family law reforms

This conference has taken place in German language. The aim of the conference was to take a look at selected family law projects of the Federal Government and to discuss whether the Federal Government’s proposals are appropriate responses to the need of changes. Changes to maintenance law, custody and contact law and parentage law were presented and discussed. The focus […]

Press Release: Non-discriminatory advocacy for all families needed at European level

Year of the Family celebrates 30th anniversary: non-discriminatory advocacy for all families needed at European level Berlin, 15 May 2024 – On the occasion of International Family Day on 15 May and in view of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, the family organisations united in the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) are calling on political parties, the […]

AGF EuropaNews April 2024

Today, the EuropaNews for April 2024 has been published. The parties have officially started the election campaign for the European elections. Some member states have submitted their first implementation reports on the European Guarantee for Children. The EU institutions have launched rules to better protect children from violence and child labour, as well as to combat violence against women. The […]