Press Release: Non-discriminatory advocacy for all families needed at European level

Year of the Family celebrates 30th anniversary: non-discriminatory advocacy for all families needed at European level

Berlin, 15 May 2024 – On the occasion of International Family Day on 15 May and in view of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, the family organisations united in the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) are calling on political parties, the to be formed European Parliament and the new EU Commission to stand up for all forms of family without discrimination. They also call for a rejection of anti-democratic and racist forces.

In 1994, the United Nations proclaimed 1994 the “International Year of the Family”. On the 30th anniversary of the International Day of the Family on 15 May and the International Year of the Family, the family organisations point out that many of the goals formulated at the time have not yet been sufficiently implemented. They emphasise that “further political and social efforts are still needed with regard to supporting parents in raising children, non-discriminatory access to education, healthcare and social services, reconciling family and work, promoting gender equality and combating violence in the family”.

The associations also emphasise the importance of Europe. In recent years, the European Union has adopted various important family policy initiatives such as the Work-Life Balance Directive for parents and carers, the Child Guarantee and the Care Strategy. However: “After the European elections on 9 June, the new EU Parliament and the new EU Commission must make further efforts to take a non-discriminatory view of the situation of families and, together with the Member States, implement measures to improve the reality of families’ lives,” say the family associations.

The family organisations in the AGF appeal to all eligible voters to take part in the European elections and to vote for democratic parties that support the European Union. “The family organisations in the AGF stand for a pluralistic society in which different family forms have their place regardless of origin, gender, religion and sexual orientation,” emphasise the associations. “The rise of far-right and authoritarian parties in Germany and Europe is a threat to democracy, the peaceful coexistence of families and it divides society.” A high voter turnout is important in order not to leave the field to anti-democratic parties.

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