AGF family organisations for a better quality in kindergartens

[29. 8. 2017] In regard of the 10th anniversary of the so called ‘Krippengipfel’ from 2007, which led to an entitlement for children under three years to attend a kindergarten, and in combination with the current Ländermonitor of the Bertelsmann-Foundation, the family organisations emphasize the need of a high quality in early childhood education and care and therefore advocate common binding standards.

A lot of progress has been made regarding the quantitative dimension of the development of kindergartens. However, the actual situation is still not satisfying. But parents also claim a high quality in early child hood centers which they can rely on and which does not dependent on where they live. That is why scientifically sound standards, mandatory and nationwide, are needed.

The results from the annual Ländermonitor of the Bertelsmann-Foundation (‘Ländermonitoring Frühkindliche Bildungssysteme’) shows currently again that the quality, especially regarding the teacher-child-ratio, still differs widely in the regions.

Thus, AGF reminds on the common declaration of 31 organisations for children’s rights, families and welfare, as well as trade unions, child care providers and others, who, already in the last months, have called repeatedly for introducing nationwide, binding standards.

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