AGF recommendations on the Child Guarantee

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[31. 5. 2022] The AGF accompanies the process of implementing the “European Guarantee for Children” with expert discussions and recommendation papers. The AGF has submitted recommendations on two further topics for the National Action Plan “New Opportunities for Children in Germany”, which is currently being drafted.

The current recommendations deal with the topics “EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE, EDUCATION AND INCLUSION” and “ADEQUATE HOUSING”. They can be found in an integrated paper (pages 3ff and 19ff), which also includes the previously published topics “Healthy Nutrition” and “Health Care”.

Background: On 14 June 2021, the EU Member States adopted a “European Child Guarantee”. It is a targeted initiative to support vulnerable children at risk of poverty and social exclusion in the EU. The Child Guarantee aims to “prevent and combat social exclusion by guaranteeing access for children in need to a range of essential services, thereby also contributing to the protection of children’s rights by tackling child poverty and promoting equality of opportunity.”

The Association of German Family Organisations welcomes the initiative and sees it as an opportunity to strengthen the fight against child and family poverty in Germany and Europe. The AGF expects the Federal Government to initiate substantial progress in the individual thematic areas for the participation opportunities of disadvantaged children in the National Action Plan to be drawn up. The basis must be the objectives of the Child Guarantee against the background of the current situation in Germany. This means that, if necessary, the action plan must go beyond the individual demands mentioned in the Child Guarantee in order to achieve its basic goals.

The recommendations of the AGF are available in English and in German.