AGF starts the new year with a new member association, a new chair and a new website

The AGF has started the year with some changes: In 2023 and 2024, the German Family Association (DFV) will take over the leadership from it predecessor, the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships, iaf. The new chair is Dr Klaus Zeh, President of the DFV. The previous chair, Sidonie Fernau, becomes his deputy.
In addition, the AGF expands by one association: the Zukunftsforum Familie becomes a member of the AGF.

“We are very pleased to have the Zukunftsforum Familie as a new member of the AGF,” emphasises the new Chair, Dr Klaus Zeh. “Particularly against the background of the burdens that have been placed on families in recent years, there is a need for cooperation between organisations working on behalf of families. The Zukunftsforum Familie has already established itself for many years with excellent work and expertise for families. With the AGF membership, we are continuing on the course of intensive cooperation with the Zukunftsforum Familie, so that admission to the AGF is now logical.”

The chairperson of the Zukunftsforum Familie, Britta Altenkamp, also emphasises that the cooperation is important, especially against the background of the burdens in recent years: “The challenges for families are currently enormous: the consequences of the Corona crisis have not yet been overcome, high inflation, and poverty among children and families that continues to be far too high and is even more likely to increase are just some of them. We are pleased, now as a member of the Association of German Family Organisations, to put families even more strongly together at the centre of politics.”

With the inclusion of the Zukunftsforum Familie, the AGF now has six members:

Also at the beginning of the new year, the AGF updated its website. With a fresh design and easier to find content and topics, the AGF continues to present itself at