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Implementation of the Child Guarantee in Germany: Recommendations of the AGF for the area of “Nutrition

[16. 12. 2021] The AGF accompanies the implementation of the European Guarantee for Children / Child Guarantee in Germany with a series of expert discussions. Now the AGF has presented recommendations on the topic area “nutrition” of the Child Guarantee. The recommendations are intended to contribute to the discussion on the planned national action plan for the implementation of the […]

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Machbar-Report and conference

Today the conference for the presentation and discussion of the new “Machbar” report (“Feasable” report) of the Network 2030 took place. The main topic of the report is the nexus of nutrition, health, poverty and climate. The AGF is a member of Network 2030 and supported the report and the conference. The complex connections between nutrition, health and climate are […]

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31.05.2021: Expert Meeting on the situation with regard to nutrition and healthy eating among children in Germany

The Association of German Family Organisations (AGF), together with the “Platform for Nutrition and Physical Activity (peb), hosted a digital expert discussion on the European “Child Guarantee”. What is the state of child nutrition in Germany? What is the content of the part of the European Child Guarantee that relates to nutrition and what must Germany do to implement the […]