Implementation of the Child Guarantee in Germany: Recommendations of the AGF for the area of “Nutrition

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[16. 12. 2021] The AGF accompanies the implementation of the European Guarantee for Children / Child Guarantee in Germany with a series of expert discussions. Now the AGF has presented recommendations on the topic area “nutrition” of the Child Guarantee. The recommendations are intended to contribute to the discussion on the planned national action plan for the implementation of the Child Guarantee.

The Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) welcomes the Child Guarantee and sees it as an opportunity to strengthen the fight against child and family poverty in Germany and throughout Europe. The Child Guarantee is underpinned by the hope and expectation that the fight against child poverty will receive new impetus.

The AGF accompanies the implementation process of the Child Guarantee with a series of expert discussions. The individual topics are analysed there in relation to the German situation. Proposals for improving the situation are also discussed and recommendations for the national implementation of the Child Guarantee are developed. The AGF will publish these recommendations in the course of the next six months.

The first recommendations concern the thematic area of “nutrition”. For this, the AGF held an expert discussion on 31 May in cooperation with the german platform ernährung und bewegung (peb). peb is an open alliance on nutrition topics with members from the public sector, science, business, sport, health and civil society.

Regarding the aim of the Child Guarantee on “Healthy Nutrition”, the AGF, in principle, sees important starting points in the Child Guarantee that should be supported. In order to improve the situation with regard to nutrition, a comprehensive mix of measures is necessary that strengthens the competence of families as a whole, has a positive effect on the healthy nutritional behaviour of the children, protects them from misleading advertising and enables care and educational institutions to establish “good nutrition” as an educational topic for children and parents and also to implement it in practice.

On 14 June 2021, the EU Member States adopted a “European Child Guarantee”. The aim of the Child Guarantee is to “prevent and combat social exclusion by guaranteeing access for children in need to a range of essential services, thereby also contributing to the protection of children’s rights by combating child poverty and promoting equal opportunities.”

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