15 May 2024: Conference on current family law reforms

This conference has taken place in German language. The aim of the conference was to take a look at selected family law projects of the Federal Government and to discuss whether the Federal Government’s proposals are appropriate responses to the need of changes. Changes to maintenance law, custody and contact law and parentage law were presented and discussed. The focus […]

Report on AGF Webinar Series “Supporting families in conflict situations,separation processes and divorce proceedings”

AGF has published the documentation of its series of events on “Child Centeredness and Family Support in Conflict Situations, Separation Processes and Divorce Proceedings”. The documentation is available in German and English. In the webinar series, co-hosted by the International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR) and the AGF and consisting of three international webinars, experts from Europe, the […]

30.11.2020: AGF expert talk on support in separation processes and divorce proceedings

On November 30, 2020, the AGF held an expert discussion entitled “Family support and child-centeredness in conflict situations, separation processes and divorce proceedings”. Scientists, family lawyers, representatives of youth welfare offices, counseling centers and family associations were involved. The expert discussion focused on the question of how successful the structures of psychosocial support services and court proceedings are with regard […]

04., 11. and 18. 11. 2020: Webinar Series: Support for Families in the Separation Process: Cooperation instead of Confrontation – International Experiences”.

Regardless of the legal structures in a country, a successful cooperation between counseling / support services for families and judicial actors is of high importance for separation / divorce processes with as little conflict as possible. In the joint webinar series on November 4, 11 and 18 by AGF and ICCFR, some existing legal systems and solution approaches in different […]

Meeting the additional needs of children of separated parents

[18. 3. 2016] The German Federal Council (Bundesrat) today discussed a draft bill on the simplification of the social code book II (basic social benefits). On this occasion the German family organisations ask for an benefit meeting the particular additional needs of children of separated parents, if the parents receive basic social benefits. The current draft only continues the shortage […]

Keine „Schwarze Null“ auf dem Rücken der Familien

[24. 3. 2015] (Press release unfortunatley only in German) Die in der AGF zusammengeschlossenen Familienorganisationen lehnen den Vorschlag des Finanzministers zum „Familienpaket“ als unzureichend ab. Sie fordern das Bundeskabinett anlässlich der bevorstehenden Entscheidung auf, stattdessen den Koalitionsvertrag und die verfassungsrechtlichen Vorgaben orientiert an den Bedürfnissen der Familien umzusetzen. „Was Herr Schäuble in puncto Kindergelderhöhung vorgeschlagen hat, geht an den Bedürfnissen […]

AGF takes position to Advanced Child Maintenance

[17. 2. 2012] The recent draft law on simplifing bureaucracy of advanced child maintenance is critisised by the AGF. The planned changes will hardly lead to improvements for the children of single parents. Basic problems remain unsolved. The Federal Government will in future consider payments to third parties when advanced child maintenance is applied for. Thus, there will be increasing […]

The right to custody only on a claim

[25.10.2010] The organisations combined in the Association of the German Family Organizations (AGF) e.V. are voting for the so-called “petition model” as the proposed draft law for the restructuring of the law on child custody. With regard to the custody of children of parents who are not married to each other a draft law by the Justice Minister, Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, is […]