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26 October 2023: International Expert Meeting on “Innovative aspects for time policy over a families life course”

On October 26, 2023, the AGF hosted an expert discussion on innovative time policy concepts. The discussion focused on the comparison of the German “Option Time Model” and the Spanish “Time Policy Action Framework” as well as the concrete political measures derived from them to support families. Experts from Spain, Germany, France and Hungary participated in the hybrid expert discussion. […]

25 October 2023: European Expert Meeting on the Care Strategy

This year’s European Expert Meeting took place in Berlin on 25 October 2023. The participants discussed the European Care Strategy, which was adopted by the European Council in December 2022. Report AGF published a comprehensive report on the meeting. Please download it here: Summary of key findings Positive impetus for care policy across all phases of life The Care Strategy […]

09 October 2023: Expert meeting on time concepts for families

The AGF expert discussion discussed various concepts for a better time policy for families. For setting the scene, new data was presented on parents’ wishes regarding the amount of care and paid work and its distribution within the partnership, as well as on the actual use of time by fathers and mothers with young children. The “option time model” was […]

22.11.2012: Children, Care and Professional Life – what does families help to overcome time pressure? 

AGF conference on 22. November 2012 in Berlin “Children, Care and professional work – what does families help to overcome time pressure?”. Discussion on the results of the 8th family report, its findings and conclusions. The conference was held in the “URANIA” in Berlin. It concentrated particularly on the reports findings concerning the potential of elderly people and the potential […]

AGF-Statement on 8th Family Report

[14. 5. 2012] The AGF has published a detailed statement on the 8th Family Report of the federal government. In its statement it supports the purpose of the report to establish the solution to family time conflicts as a social task, but criticises the unadequate family perspective. The German Family Organizations consider the recommendations of the commission, in regard to  […]