30 October 2023: Impact of European migration policy on Transnational Family Dynamics

On 30 October 2023 in Berlin, Germany, the COAST Action network on Transnational Families Dynamics in Europe (TraFaDy) held a workshop on the impact of European migration policy on Transnational Family Dynamics. The specific occasion to have the workshop was the current debate on introducing a new migration and asylum pact in the European Union. A significant amount of transnational […]

General Meeting of “Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe” network from 22-24.02.2023

The interdisciplinary network “Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe” (TraFaDy), founded on 3 October in the framework of the European COST Action programme, met for the first time for a general meeting to which all participants had been invited. In the course of the in person meeting that was held from 22 to 24 February, numerous meetings of the different groups […]

Interdisciplinary network “Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe” (TraFaDy)  launched

[03. 10. 2022] Within the framework of the COST programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), the interdisciplinary network “Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe” (TraFaDy) was launched on 3 October. COFACE Families Europe and the AGF are partners in the network, Sven Iversen was elected vice-chair. This Action aims to deepen the knowledge of the growing, rapidly changing phenomenon and […]

06.07.2022: AGF  expert discussion “Supporting parents and grandparents in transnational families

Although great progress has been made in migration research in recent decades, there are still unanswered questions regarding transnational, intergenerational support relationships. The particular difficulties faced by older people in need of care and their relatives in transnational family relationships are rarely discussed in care and family policy contexts. Furthermore, there are deficits in both knowledge and implementation with regard […]

23.09.2021: European expert discussion on the ambivalences in supporting people in need of care by foreign “live in” care workers

Report: Background On 23 September, the AGF held a European expert discussion on the ambivalences that arise from so called “live-in” arrangements to support people in need of care in their home. The perspectives of those in need of care, their relatives as well as the situation of the care workers and their families in the sending countries were intensively […]

Joint letter on reunification of refugee families

[11. 6. 2018] On occasion of the public hearing and the parliamentary process on the reunification of refugee families AGF, the Federation of German Trade Unions, Diakonie Germany, the German league for the child, the Association of German Development NGOs and the Central Committee of German Catholics pledge jointly for not accepting the draft proposal on further limitation of reunification. […]

Draft law on Reunifaction of refugee families should be reworked

[8. 5. 2018] The family organisations ask the members of the federal cabinet to rework the draft law on the subsequent immigration of refugee families and not to agree on the restriction of reunification. Instead of juggling with abstract numbers on the back of the families, Germany should help to protect families from crises areas and war zones. „The ruling […]

Refugees must have a right to family reunification!

[28. 4. 2017] The General Assembly of AGF appeals to the German Bundestag to take care of the unity of the family also for refugees.  Regarding its plenary session, at which such a proposal of the opposition parties was said to be discussed, the family organisations of AGF called for a rollback of the given limits for family reunification for […]

No restriction of family reunification for refugees!

[18. 2. 2016] The family organisations appeal to the Members of Parliament not to agree to the restrictions of family reunification as planned in the law called Asylpaket II. Children and Families will thus be forced to the dangerous flight themselves and a successful integration for those already accepted in Germany will be considerably more difficult. The unity of the […]

22.06.2012: AGF Expert Meeting on Family Reunification

According to the current EU debate, AGF has invited to an expert meeting on the right to family reunification. A special focus was on the situation in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, which have rather restrictive regulations. Participants widely critisised the implementation of the EU Directive on family reunification in these Member States. The expert meeting on family reunification took place […]