Refugees must have a right to family reunification!

[28. 4. 2017] The General Assembly of AGF appeals to the German Bundestag to take care of the unity of the family also for refugees.  Regarding its plenary session, at which such a proposal of the opposition parties was said to be discussed, the family organisations of AGF called for a rollback of the given limits for family reunification for people having only a subsidiary status.

Since the adoption of Asylpaket II in March 2016, family reunification for refugees with a subsidiary status is only possible after a period of two years of waiting. In practice, these two years are prolonged by other waiting periods for appointments at embassies and the visa. Besides, the number of refugees with only a subsidiary status has remarkably increased since 2015, from only a small minority to about 20 percent of all accepted refugees.

Those with a subsidiary status also flee from war or torture, with their families often in danger, too.  Without the possibility of an early family reunification, women and children will increasingly try to follow via unsecure escape routes. That is why AGF calls for a unrestricted family life for all accepted refugees.

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