AGF positions regarding a family friendly economy

[26. 5. 2015] The family organisations point out what changes are needed for a better reconciliation of work and family life, economic stability and social security for families.

Working conditions are an important part of family policy, following a broad defintion. Work is often the central system in everyday family life and has deep effects back on it. Regarding the combination of time, money and infrastructure as necessary means of family policy, with work, two central parts are involved: time and money.  The working conditions define the financial situation of families, the necessarity and possible use of child care and they often influence the decision for – or against – raising a family.

Therefore, the AGF intensively discussed what is necessary for a family friendly economy and stated that it still lacks of acknowledgment for the familys living situation and needs.

In the now published position papers, the AGF deals in detail with:
1. A company culture for a better compatibility of family and occupation
2. Right of Return from Part-Time Up To the Original Weekly Working Time
3.Longterm working accounts as a time-political instrument
4. Discussion Paper For good and comfortable employment!

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