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07 September 2023: Expert Meeting on the 2nd report of the council for reconciliation of paid work and care

In July 2023, the independent council board for the reconciliation of care and work handed over its second overall report to Family Minister Lisa Paus. At the AGF’s expert discussion the participants discussed the report and its recommendations as well as the AGF’s statement and provided assessments from an extended range of experts. At the invitation of the AGF, 25 […]

Family Organisations call for rapid introduction of a two-weeks fathers leave

Berlin, 05 September 2023 – The family organisations united in the AGF call on the Federal Government to immediately introduce the two-week paid leave for fathers and second parents after the birth of a child, which was agreed in the coalition agreement and has already been announced several times as “family start time”. “The family organisations hilghly support the plans […]

Family organisations critise the plans for cuts on parental leave allowance and other family-supporting benefits

Berlin, July 04, 2023 – Family organisations are appalled by the coalition’s plans to place a greater burden on families by implementing restrictions on parental leave allowance and other family-supporting benefits. “This is a very bad signal to families and especially to couples planning to start a family,” says Dr. Klaus Zeh, chairman of the Association of German Family Organizations, […]


AGF Statement on the Partial Report of the Independent Advisory Council on the Reconciliation of Care and Work

The AGF has published a statement on the Partial Report of the Independent AdvisoryCouncil on the Reconciliation of Care and Work. The Council released its report ‘Recommendations on Family Care Leave and the Family Care Allowance’ in August 2022. In its report the AGF welcomes the measures proposed as a major step towards relieving the burden on families with relatives […]

Family organisations support call for better reconciliation of long term care and professional work

Berlin, 27 August 2019 – The associations united in the AGF support the demands of the Independent Advisory Council for the Reconciliation of Long Term Care and Work, whose report was published today. In particular, they emphasise the importance of a care leave with adequate financial compensation. The Independent Advisory Council on Reconciliation of Care and Work has developed many […]

Position on draft law on Reform of maternity law

The revised maternity law now aims to include students and self-employed women and also aims to give more decision options to the pregnant and nursing women instead of a general employment ban. On this occasion, AGF recalls its statement on the draft law. The statement makes a differentiated approach on the challenge to balance the freedom of the pregnant and […]

Joint declaration by ten organisations on right to limit part-time work

[14. 2. 2017] The family organizations along with nine organizations support the legislative proposal by the German Ministry of Labour, which aims to give a possibility to employees to limit the time period they work in part-time. In a joint declaration of AGF, Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, Deutschen Frauenrat, Sozialverband Deutschlands, Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Diakonie Deutschland, Bundesforum Männer, Verband berufstätiger Mütter, Zukunftsforum Familie and […]

Right to return from part-time up to the original working time

[19. 1. 2017] The family organisations of AGF ask for a possibility for employees, that eases their way back to full time after they had reduced their working hours. On occasion of the current data of the German statistic agency on working hours and individual working hour preference, the organisations support the legislative initiative of ferderal minister Andrea Nahles to […]