18.10.2017: AGF Conference: Families in the digital Work

On Wednesday, the 18 October, the familiy organisations invited to a conference about the ongoing digital changes in the working environment. Under the titel “Brave new world of work? Ideas for a stronger family perspective in the digital work 4.0” participants and experts from politics, academics and organisations, discussed about risks and chances particularly for families. The conference focussed the […]

Position on draft law on Reform of maternity law

The revised maternity law now aims to include students and self-employed women and also aims to give more decision options to the pregnant and nursing women instead of a general employment ban. On this occasion, AGF recalls its statement on the draft law. The statement makes a differentiated approach on the challenge to balance the freedom of the pregnant and […]

AGF positions regarding a family friendly economy

[26. 5. 2015] The family organisations point out what changes are needed for a better reconciliation of work and family life, economic stability and social security for families. Working conditions are an important part of family policy, following a broad defintion. Work is often the central system in everyday family life and has deep effects back on it. Regarding the […]

Press Release AGF on right of return to full time

[30. 10. 2013] The family organizations call for a detailed right to return in order to facilitate employees’ way back into full-time employment after having opted for a part-time job. At its meeting today, the General Assembly of the AGF adopted a corresponding resolution. Berlin, 30.10.2013 – “In light of the considerable efforts of families in their everyday balancing act […]

29.10.2013: Conference: A family friendly world of employment

On Tuesday, 29th October, the AGF organized the conference “Towards a family-friendly labor market”. In three working groups, participants discussed the right to return to full-time employment, precarious jobs and family consciousness in companies. Background of the discussions is the fact that it is mainly the labor market setting the timing for families. Duration, location and pace of working hours […]

30.08.2013: Expert meeting on inclusion and housing

On Friday, 30 August 2013 European Experts met in Berlin to discuss: “No Space for Families? Inclusion and Housing”. The Expert meeting focused on the connection between the concept of inclusion and housing as well as the housing situations of families in different european countries. A close look was given to the situation in Germany, Italy and Great Britain and […]