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AGF-Statement on the German draft National Action Plan “New Opportunities for Children in Germany”

For the family organisations within the AGF, the European Child Guarantee is an important instrument both for combating child poverty in Germany and for at least mitigating the social inclusion deficits of children and young people. It was for this reason that the AGF made its voice heard very early by setting up a series of workshops and producing recommendations […]

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Family organizations call for adequate financed and needs-based design of basic child allowance

Berlin, 3 March 2023 – The family organizations united in the AGF call on the federal government to provide the basic child allowance agreed in the coalition agreement with sufficient financial resources to ensure that children are permanently protected from poverty. The bundling of family policy benefits and the dismantling of barriers to their use are important components of the […]

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European Child Guarantee

The European Child Guarantee aims to break the cycle of poverty and promote equal opportunities by guaranteeing access to a set of key services for children in need (under 18 year olds at risk of poverty or social exclusion).The European Child Guarantee  recommends to Member States to provide free and effective access for children in need to: Additionally children in […]

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27 Sept 2022: European expert meeting of the AGF in cooperation with COFACE – Families Europe on the implementation of the Child Guarantee

On 27 September 2022, COFACE – Families Europe and the AGF jointly organised an expert discussion on the implementation of the EU Child Guarantee / Child Gurantee in various European countries. Government  and civil society representatives from 17 European countries took part. The event focused on the exchange of information on the status of the implementation of the Child Guarantee in […]

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AGF recommendations on the Child Guarantee

[31. 5. 2022] The AGF accompanies the process of implementing the “European Guarantee for Children” with expert discussions and recommendation papers. The AGF has submitted recommendations on two further topics for the National Action Plan “New Opportunities for Children in Germany”, which is currently being drafted. The current recommendations deal with the topics “EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE, EDUCATION AND […]

EU facilitates reduction of VAT on children’s products – a good opportunity for the German government

[6. 4. 2022] On 05 April 2022, the European Council adopted a revision of the VAT Directive. This will make it easier in future for national governments to apply the reduced VAT rate, especially on children’s clothing and footwear. The family organisations demand that the Federal Government implements these possibilities quickly.  “The Federal Government must now pick up the ball,” […]

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30.03.2022: AGF expert talks on the EU Child Guarantee and its measures in the areas of “education and child care” and “housing”

Today, the AGF held two online expert discussions on the “European Child Guarantee”. A total of 26 experts from various associations, science and practice took part in the two discussions on the topics of “education / care” and “housing” of the Child Guarantee. The European Child Guarantee is the EU’s response to the high number of children in poverty who […]

EU Child Guarantee: Broad alliance calls for ambitious overall strategy to combat child poverty in Germany

[10. 2. 2022] On February 10 2022, the German Family Organisations together with numerous other organisations, calls on the German Federal Government to take the development of the National Action Plan on the EU Child Guarantee, an overall strategy to combat child poverty in Germany. AGF welcomed the decision in June 2021 by the German Federal Government, jointly with all […]

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Implementation of the Child Guarantee in Germany: Recommendations of the AGF for the area of “Health”

[13. 1. 2022] The AGF has presented recommendations on the topic area “health” of the Child Guarantee. This is the second publication by AGF on the Child Guarantee after it’s recommendations on “Nutrition” in December 2021. The recommendations are intended to contribute to the discussion on the planned national action plan for the implementation of the Child Guarantee in Germany. […]