EU Consultation on Family Reunification

[23. 2. 2012] Up until 1st March 2012, the EU Commission is running a public consultation on the right to family reunification of third-country nationals living in the EU. The AGF has published its statement today. The Consultation refers to the EU Directive on family reunification (Directive 2003/86/EG), adopted in 2003. The Directive defines the conditions of entry and residence […]

AGF takes position to Advanced Child Maintenance

[17. 2. 2012] The recent draft law on simplifing bureaucracy of advanced child maintenance is critisised by the AGF. The planned changes will hardly lead to improvements for the children of single parents. Basic problems remain unsolved. The Federal Government will in future consider payments to third parties when advanced child maintenance is applied for. Thus, there will be increasing […]

AGF Comment on the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion

[5. 4. 2011] The AGF appreciates the first concrete objective of the European Union to reduce the poverty figures in the EU. It considers the political announcements of the German Federal Government, nevertheless, to be insufficient and demands adequate measures against poverty and social exclusion. The AGF appreciates that the European Union has clearly committed itself to poverty reduction. We […]