Position on draft law on the digitalisation of family benefits

Unfortunately, this content is only available in German: Die Bundesregierung plant mit dem Entwurf eine rechtliche Anpassung der Rahmenbedingungen, die es ermöglichen soll, dass Bürgerinnen zukünftig zentrale Familienleistungen auf Wunsch vereinfacht und online beantragen können. Damit wird eine Forderung der Familienorganisationen aufgegriffen, die bereits langjährig darauf hinweisen, dass eine Entlastung des Familienlebens durch weniger Bürokratie seitens des Staates nötig ist. […]

AGF-Discussion Paper “Digital Change and its  Impact on Families”

[28. 11. 2019] The AGF has published a discussion paper on “Digital Change”. The paper reflects on the impact of digitalization for different areas of life from the point of view of families. It takes a lifecourse perspective to discuss the consequences of digitisation for children, adolescents, parents and the grandparent generation as well as the influence on their relationships. The […]

AGF Paper on Digitalisation and Care

[26. 3. 2019] In context of its discussion process on digitalisation and family AGF had organised an expert meeting on digitalisation and care on 10 December 2018. In the aftermath AGF has produced a policy paper on the challenges of digitalisation and care which was presented to the federal council on the elderly. The paper concentrates on the challenges of […]

Position on draft law on Reform of maternity law

The revised maternity law now aims to include students and self-employed women and also aims to give more decision options to the pregnant and nursing women instead of a general employment ban. On this occasion, AGF recalls its statement on the draft law. The statement makes a differentiated approach on the challenge to balance the freedom of the pregnant and […]

Deckblatt Kitaqualität

Position paper on high quality child care

[7. 4. 2016] On occasion of the current debate on quality child care facilities AGF has published a position paper. The German family organisations aim for high quality child care facilities. Therefore in their position paper they suggest concrete criteria for quality standards. The English version of the position paper can be downloaded here Areas of action for high-quality education, […]

AGF positions regarding a family friendly economy

[26. 5. 2015] The family organisations point out what changes are needed for a better reconciliation of work and family life, economic stability and social security for families. Working conditions are an important part of family policy, following a broad defintion. Work is often the central system in everyday family life and has deep effects back on it. Regarding the […]

AGF Comment on 3rd JAKO-O Education Study

For the third time, after 2010 and 2012, the JAKO-O study on education attends to find reliable information about the attitudes of parents regarding the situation of school and education. In the current survey progressions and developments are reflected even better. Unfortunately it can also be recognized that since the first study many negative findings have only hardly improved.It is […]

Comment on 2. Educational Study by JAKO-O

[5. 9. 2012] This wednesday, JAKO-O intrdouced its second educational study. The results show the requirements which parents expect from the educational system and how they concern themselves with the education of their children. AGF has published a comment on the study. AGF Comment on the 2nd JAKO-O Education Study: Important Expectations of Parents concerning Schools in Germany are still […]

AGF-Statement on 8th Family Report

[14. 5. 2012] The AGF has published a detailed statement on the 8th Family Report of the federal government. In its statement it supports the purpose of the report to establish the solution to family time conflicts as a social task, but criticises the unadequate family perspective. The German Family Organizations consider the recommendations of the commission, in regard to  […]