Familiy orientated world of work instead of family planning on ice

[24. 10. 2014] On occasion of the discussions on the proposal of companies, to pay for the ova freezing of their employees for a postponed pregnancy, the family organisations declare: This “social freezing” is the totally wrong aproach in the sense of a family orientated working world. Instead, they argue for aproaches that allow having children and having a carreer at the same time.

In its press release the family organisations argue, that “social freezing” does not facilitate the realisation of the personal life design. Instead it increases the pressure on female employees to postpone their family planing and release employers of their responsibility to provide the framework for a good reconciliation of family and professional work life.

In this sense, the offer of a paid “social freezing” is the admission of failure to reconcile family and professional life by the companies.

The complete press release is only available in German.

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