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COFACE Families Europe Conference and internal meetings on 27-29 March 2023

The COFACE Families Europe conference on “Inclusive Education for an Inclusive Europe” took place in Monza, Italy, jointly organised with the Italian organisation A.I.A.S. Taking the Italian system as a starting point for discussion with European peers, the event brought together organisations of families of persons with disabilities and service providers, education professionals, persons with disabilities and their families and […]

AGF EuropaNews January 2023

This year’s first issue of EuropaNews was published today. We cover the EU child guarantee’s implementation process and the EESC’s statement on the care strategy. We also point to the UN’s call for contributions to the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing. As usual, we also inform about family and social policy developments in Europe and recommend current publications and events. […]

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European Child Guarantee

The European Child Guarantee aims to break the cycle of poverty and promote equal opportunities by guaranteeing access to a set of key services for children in need (under 18 year olds at risk of poverty or social exclusion).The European Child Guarantee  recommends to Member States to provide free and effective access for children in need to: Additionally children in […]

Logo der Europäischen Garantie für Kinder

27 Sept 2022: European expert meeting of the AGF in cooperation with COFACE – Families Europe on the implementation of the Child Guarantee

On 27 September 2022, COFACE – Families Europe and the AGF jointly organised an expert discussion on the implementation of the EU Child Guarantee / Child Gurantee in various European countries. Government  and civil society representatives from 17 European countries took part. The event focused on the exchange of information on the status of the implementation of the Child Guarantee in […]

EU facilitates reduction of VAT on children’s products – a good opportunity for the German government

[6. 4. 2022] On 05 April 2022, the European Council adopted a revision of the VAT Directive. This will make it easier in future for national governments to apply the reduced VAT rate, especially on children’s clothing and footwear. The family organisations demand that the Federal Government implements these possibilities quickly.  “The Federal Government must now pick up the ball,” […]

23.09.2021: European expert discussion on the ambivalences in supporting people in need of care by foreign “live in” care workers

Report: Background On 23 September, the AGF held a European expert discussion on the ambivalences that arise from so called “live-in” arrangements to support people in need of care in their home. The perspectives of those in need of care, their relatives as well as the situation of the care workers and their families in the sending countries were intensively […]

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29.09.2020: AGF and COFACE: EU and national stakeholders debate the future European Child Guarantee

On 29th September in Berlin, in cooperation with COFACE Families Europe, AGF invited to an European Expert meeting to discuss a new EU policy framework in preparation: the European Child Guarantee. The aim of the Child Guarantee is to boost support for children in vulnerable situations at national level via different instruments (policy exchange, funding, indicators, benchmarking). The Guarantee will […]

German EU Council Presidency: Focus must be on families

[24. 6. 2020] On occasion of the start of the German Council Presidency, which begins on 1 July 2020, the AGF family organizations call on the federal government to place the family at the center of its activities and to take decisive steps forward with the so-called child guarantee. “The Corona crisis has shown impressively throughout Europe that it is […]