02.07.2018: AGF meeting on the EU Work-Life-Balance Package

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Last year, the European Commission has published its proposal for a directive on work-life balance for parents and carers with concrete measures regarding, inter alia, family related leave schemes and flexible working arrangements.

If finally a directive is agreed on, this may have direct impact on national legislation, since the Member States are obliged to implement the directive into national law.

In the meeting, we addressed the state of play and the next steps regarding the WLB package, exchanged views on measures proposed and on the national debates about it, but also talked about what the implementation of the WLB-measures mean for the respective countries.  Speakers came from the European Commission, from the German Family Ministry, from COFACE-Families Europe and from different Member States.

The documentation (EN/GER) is now available. For printed versions please don’t hesitate to order: info [@] ag-familie.de

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