31.08-01.09.2009: AGF conference on Child Poverty

Documentation of AGF conference

Cover of the documentation in german

The documentation from the AGF international conference on „ Child Poverty – a European Challenge “ which took place on the 31st of August and 01st of September, 2009 now appears in both German and English.

Over the course of two days experts from different European states had discussions on the subject of child poverty, in the European academy in Berlin. The contributions of the experts as well as a summary of the discussions are to be found in the detailed documentation. In a process helped along by the previous expert’s discussion in 2008 in Berlin, a common position paper from the organizations taking part in the conference developed: ”Position Paper on the fight against and the prevention of child poverty in the European Union”.
Feel free to order a printed copy of the documentation from the offices of the AGF.

The documentation as well as the position paper are available in German and English and can be downloaded here.

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