AGF Statement on draft law on full day child care

Deckblatt Kitaqualität

[21. 4. 2021] The family organizations united in the AGF welcome the draft law which proposes important steps that are to be taken in this legislative period to introduce a right to all-day care for children of primary school age. However, they criticize the lack of consideration of quality aspects in the draft law.

In addition to the generally positive assessment of a legislative initiative on the right to all-day care for children of primary school age before the end of this legislative period, the AGF criticizes the fact that the draft does not contain any quality requirements. The AGF notes, that not even a raodmap to a high quality of care is apparent. Also in view of the financial means intended in the draft law the guarantee of a good quality seems doubtful.

For the family organizations, the quality of care is a crucial issue: whether all-day primary school education achieves the aimed effects (besides the effects on a better reconciliation of work and family life) for educational and social benefits, depends to a large extent on the content and quality of the services.

The AGF family organizations have pointed out the need for a right to all-day care in various publications. With this draft law, the German government is now complying with its coalition agreement and the numerous demands of experts. 

The darft law aims on the gradual introduction of an entitlement to all-day care for elementary school children by August 1, 2025.

However, the AGF points out that it is very regrettable that these important steps could not have been taken earlier, which would have made it possible to address the issue in a way that reflects its importance.

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