AGF Statement on the Draft Bill of the Compatibility Directive Implementation Act – VRUG

[4. 5. 2022] The AGF has published a statement on the plans of the Federal Government to implement the so-called EU Work-Life balnace Package. On 4 April 2019, this directive was adopted, which contains new rules for better reconciliation of family life and work. The deadline for the national implementation is 2 August 2022.

The European Directive on Work–Life Balance for parents and carers (EU 2019/1158), which was supported by the German government, obliges the Member States of the European Union to implement minimum provisions to
make it easier for parents and carers to reconcile work and family life. This includes individual rights to paternity leave, parental leave and care leave, as well as flexible working arrangements for employees. The Directive
requires that special attention be paid to equality between men and women in terms of labour market opportunities and treatment in the workplace.

As the deadline for transposing the Directive into national law by 2 August 2022 approaches, the draft of the “Reconciliation Directive Transposition Act” aims to make minor corrections to laws already in place. Regrettably, the government is missing the opportunity to make important and more far-reaching changes.

Please find the full AGF-statement under the link below:

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