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European Child Guarantee: Overview of selected aspects of the National Action Plans

To combat child poverty, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union decided in 2021 to establish a “European Child Guarantee”. It aims to “prevent and combat social exclusion by guaranteeing access for children in need to a range of essential services, thereby also contributing to the protection of children’s rights by tackling child poverty […]

Family organizations support call for new family care leave

[26. 08. 2022] The family organisations united in the AGF emphasize the importance of a family care leave with an appropriately high and socially balanced financial compensation. On the occasion of the delivering of a substudy report by the “independent advisory coucil for reconciliation of care and professional work” to family minister Lisa Paus the organisations stress the large step, […]

Logo der Europäischen Garantie für Kinder

AGF recommendations on the Child Guarantee

[31. 5. 2022] The AGF accompanies the process of implementing the “European Guarantee for Children” with expert discussions and recommendation papers. The AGF has submitted recommendations on two further topics for the National Action Plan “New Opportunities for Children in Germany”, which is currently being drafted. The current recommendations deal with the topics “EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE, EDUCATION AND […]

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AGF Statement on draft law on full day child care

[21. 4. 2021] The family organizations united in the AGF welcome the draft law which proposes important steps that are to be taken in this legislative period to introduce a right to all-day care for children of primary school age. However, they criticize the lack of consideration of quality aspects in the draft law. In addition to the generally positive […]