AGF Statement on the Partial Report of the Independent Advisory Council on the Reconciliation of Care and Work


The AGF has published a statement on the Partial Report of the Independent Advisory
Council on the Reconciliation of Care and Work. The Council released its report ‘Recommendations on Family Care Leave and the Family Care Allowance’ in August 2022. In its report the AGF welcomes the measures proposed as a major step towards relieving the burden on families with relatives in need of care. The introduction of a 36-month family care leave scheme for caregiver relatives, which includes appropriate monetary compensation for reductions in working hours, would be a milestone along the way towards reconciling family and work and a big step towards recognition of the care services provided by families.

In its statement the AGF supports the general message of the council and further explores some details. Among others, the AGF explains the dissenting opinion, that it had given to the concrete design of the proposed payed care leave. The AGF emphasised that a socially just design of paid family care leave is of great importance.

The Independent Advisory Council was established in 2015 by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. As a non-public expert body, it deals with questions on the reconciliation of care and professional work, follows and monitors the implementation of the relevant legal regulations and advises the Ministry on their effects. A report is submitted to the BMFSFJ every four years. The section of the report dating from August 2022 was submitted ahead of time, owing to the high topicality of the subject for legislation. The AGF has been a member of the body since its creation and has since contributed to the conception of the proposal.


The statement can be downloaded in German and in English language: