Sidonie Fernau new Chairwoman of AGF

[12. 2. 2021] As part of the rotational change, the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships, iaf e. V. takes over the chairmanship of the Association of German Family Organizations for 2021 and 2022. The AGF starts the new year with its new chairwoman Sidonie Fernau. New deputy chairwoman is its predecessor, Daniela Jaspers of the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers.

In a two-year rotation the AGF is lead by one of its members. With the turn of the year, the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships, iaf e. V. has replaced the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers, which was in office in 2019 and 2020. Already at the general meeting at the end of 2020, therefore, the chairwoman of iaf, Sidonie Fernau was elected as chairwoman with effect from 01 January 2021, as well as her predecessor, Daniela Jaspers, as her deputy.

Important topics of the AGF in the last two years were the creation of a policy paper on digitization and family, as well as the support for families and children in the event of separation and divorce. Likewise, the issue of high quality in the development of a legal entitlement to all-day care for children of primary school age was of great importance. During the German EU Council presidency, the issue of child poverty was taken up again with a focus on the EU child guarantee. In addition, the AGF’s European and international work was further strengthened.

The latter topics in particular will continue to be worked on intensively under the future leadership. This is especially true against the backdrop of the challenges for families posed by the Corona pandemic, which will remain a major concern for family organizations. “In view of the families’ previous experience that the maintenance of life rests largely on your shoulders, their perspectives must be incorporated more systematically into the political decision-making processes,” says the new chair, Sidonie Fernau. For the next two years, she has the goal of “continuing to intensively use the synergies from the cooperation, to jointly develop further topics and to increasingly include the living situations of binational and immigrant families, as well as to work on the topic complex of diversity-conscious and racism-critical family policy.” In addition to the topics mentioned above, the AGF plans to take a closer look at the ambivalences of the support of those in need of care by foreign caregivers/household workers in the home from the perspective of families.

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