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70 years of commitment to families: AGF celebrates its anniversary

The Association of German Family Organizations (AGF) was founded on 25 March 1954. Today, exactly 70 years later to the day, the members looked back on the history of the AGF at their general meeting and discussed the current family policy challenges in particular. The constituent meeting of the Association of German Family Organizations” took place on 25 March 1954 […]

National Family Forum

Under its roof, the AGF organises and coordinates a network called „Bundesforum Familie“. This network is a forum for organisations that are committed to continuous cooperation and a comprehensive dialogue supporting family concerns. Their common objective is to actively assume responsibility for a family-friendly society. For its network partners the Bundesforum Familie offers The network partners of the Bundesforum Familie […]

Sidonie Fernau new Chairwoman of AGF

[12. 2. 2021] As part of the rotational change, the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships, iaf e. V. takes over the chairmanship of the Association of German Family Organizations for 2021 and 2022. The AGF starts the new year with its new chairwoman Sidonie Fernau. New deputy chairwoman is its predecessor, Daniela Jaspers of the Association of Single Mothers […]

Dnieal Jaspers new Chairwoman of AGF

[31.10.2019] At the general meeting on Oct. 29, 2019, Daniela Jaspers was unanimously elected chairwoman of the Association of German Family Organizations (AGF). Ms. Jaspers has been chairwoman of the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers, Bundesverband e.V. since June 2019, which is the AGF’s lead organization for 2019 and 2020. Vice chairman of the AGF reamins Ulrich Hoffmann, president […]

AGF talks to Federal President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

[07. 5. 2019] Today the presidents and chairwomen of the AGF members organisations met Federal President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier for a fruitful discussion. Child and family poverty as well as the role of families in the democrathy were put into the center of the meeting. The family organisations highlighted the importance of families and the need to support them accordingly. […]

AGF is heading into the new with new board

January 15, 2019 – As part of the rotational change, the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers took over the leadership of the Associations of German Family Organizations at the beginning of the year. With their new chairwomen Erika Biehn as well as with Ulrich Hoffmann, president of the family federation of the Catholiken, as Vice chairmen, the AGF starts […]

Stefan Becker takes over as Chairman of the AGF

Stefan Becker [3. 1. 2017] Stefan Becker is new chairman of AGF. As scheduled, the general leadership of AGF is exchanged on rotation between the members of  AGF. After two years the evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie (eaf) has given over to the “Familienbund der Katholiken” (FDK). President of FDK is Stefan Becker, who, therefore, has taken over chairmanship of AGF from […]

Christel Riemann-Hanewinckel new AGF chair

Unfortunately only available in German! [7. 1. 2015] Die AGF startet mit einer neuen Vorsitzenden in das Jahr 2015. Turnusgemäß hat die evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie (eaf) zum Jahreswechsel die Federführung für die Jahre 2015 und 2016 vom Deutschen Familienverband (DFV) übernommen. Neue Vorsitzende ist Christel Riemann-Hanewinckel, Präsidentin der eaf. Die Federführung wechselt alle zwei Jahre zwischen den Mitgliedsorganisationen der AGF. […]

20.11.2014: 60th anniversary of AGF

On 25 March 1954, exactly 60 years ago the AGF was founded. Since then a lot has happened in family politics and of course also within the AGF. Therefore the author Vera Urban (except Part 6) looked back with a series of articles looking at the work of the AGF over the past 60 years as well as looking on […]

Family organizations in discussion with the Federal Chancellor

Unfortunately only available in German! [23. 10. 2014] Am Tag ihrer Mitgliederversammlung trafen sich am gestrigen Mittwoch die Präsidentinnen und Präsidenten sowie die Vorsitzenden der fünf Mitgliedsverbände der AGF zu einem konstruktiven Gespräch mit Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. Dabei standen die Themen Familien im demografischen Wandel und familienorientierte Arbeitswelt im Zentrum des Dialogs. „Familien sind die Grundpfeiler unserer Gesellschaft. Dies zu […]