Stefan Becker takes over as Chairman of the AGF

Stefan Becker

Stefan Becker

[3. 1. 2017] Stefan Becker is new chairman of AGF. As scheduled, the general leadership of AGF is exchanged on rotation between the members of  AGF. After two years the evangelische arbeitsgemeinschaft familie (eaf) has given over to the “Familienbund der Katholiken” (FDK). President of FDK is Stefan Becker, who, therefore, has taken over chairmanship of AGF from Christel Riemann-Hanewinckel, president of eaf. She will remain vice-chairwoman.

AGF is starting with a new chairman into the year 2017. The chairmanship of changes every second year and rotates between the member organisations. The years 2017 and 2018 will be under responsibility of “Familienbund der Katholiken” (The Catholic Family Association)

Christel Riemann-Hanewinckel looks back on an intensive year. Topics on a family orientated work-life balance, the paper on high quality child care facilities and the discussions on montary benefits for families were on the agenda. Particularly the topic on high quality child care was important to her: “In Germany a lot has been done on the amount of places for children, but the discussion about the quality was falling behind. But our paper has brought a good amount of momentum to carry the discussion forward.

This work will now be continued under the new leadership. Stefan Becker also underlines the importance of the quality of child care: “This has to move forward. I’m glad the the AGF initiated a joint declaration of 16 organisations to call for common quality standards.” Further topics will be “digitilization and family”: “this is a wide field with a lot of challenges for the families in many different areas. There also are a lot of feelings of insecurity by the parents, especially concerning child protection and data security.

Another priority will be the discussion about the monetary benefits for families, particularly for the children. “But I’m also looking forward to the discussion concerning refugeee families in the “Bundesforum Familie”. “So altogether, I don’t think these two years are going to be boring”

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