25 October 2023: European Expert Meeting on the Care Strategy

This year’s European Expert Meeting took place in Berlin on 25 October 2023. The participants discussed the European Care Strategy, which was adopted by the European Council in December 2022. Report AGF published a comprehensive report on the meeting. Please download it here: Summary of key findings Positive impetus for care policy across all phases of life The Care Strategy […]

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07 September 2023: Expert Meeting on the 2nd report of the council for reconciliation of paid work and care

In July 2023, the independent council board for the reconciliation of care and work handed over its second overall report to Family Minister Lisa Paus. At the AGF’s expert discussion the participants discussed the report and its recommendations as well as the AGF’s statement and provided assessments from an extended range of experts. At the invitation of the AGF, 25 […]


AGF Statement on the Partial Report of the Independent Advisory Council on the Reconciliation of Care and Work

The AGF has published a statement on the Partial Report of the Independent AdvisoryCouncil on the Reconciliation of Care and Work. The Council released its report ‘Recommendations on Family Care Leave and the Family Care Allowance’ in August 2022. In its report the AGF welcomes the measures proposed as a major step towards relieving the burden on families with relatives […]

Family organizations support call for new family care leave

[26. 08. 2022] The family organisations united in the AGF emphasize the importance of a family care leave with an appropriately high and socially balanced financial compensation. On the occasion of the delivering of a substudy report by the “independent advisory coucil for reconciliation of care and professional work” to family minister Lisa Paus the organisations stress the large step, […]

06.07.2022: AGF  expert discussion “Supporting parents and grandparents in transnational families

Although great progress has been made in migration research in recent decades, there are still unanswered questions regarding transnational, intergenerational support relationships. The particular difficulties faced by older people in need of care and their relatives in transnational family relationships are rarely discussed in care and family policy contexts. Furthermore, there are deficits in both knowledge and implementation with regard […]

23.09.2021: European expert discussion on the ambivalences in supporting people in need of care by foreign “live in” care workers

Report: Background On 23 September, the AGF held a European expert discussion on the ambivalences that arise from so called “live-in” arrangements to support people in need of care in their home. The perspectives of those in need of care, their relatives as well as the situation of the care workers and their families in the sending countries were intensively […]

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09.09.2020: Expert Meeting on Eighth Government Report on Older People

On September 9, 2020, the AGF expert discussion Presentation of the Eighth Government Report on Older People: “Older People and Digitisation  – Implications for Families and Family Associations” took place. Cordula Endter from the office of the 8th Age Report presented selected contents of the report. In addition to the AGF member associations, representatives of various state AGF also took part […]

Family organisations support call for better reconciliation of long term care and professional work

Berlin, 27 August 2019 – The associations united in the AGF support the demands of the Independent Advisory Council for the Reconciliation of Long Term Care and Work, whose report was published today. In particular, they emphasise the importance of a care leave with adequate financial compensation. The Independent Advisory Council on Reconciliation of Care and Work has developed many […]

AGF Paper on Digitalisation and Care

[26. 3. 2019] In context of its discussion process on digitalisation and family AGF had organised an expert meeting on digitalisation and care on 10 December 2018. In the aftermath AGF has produced a policy paper on the challenges of digitalisation and care which was presented to the federal council on the elderly. The paper concentrates on the challenges of […]