Joint positioning on the new EU work-life balance Directive

[09. 4. 2019] On 4 April the European Parliament adopted the new EU work-life Balance Directive. It introduces new and strengthened rules for reconciliation of famliy and work life. AGF, jointly with German Women’s Council, Federal Men’s Forum, Family Future Forum, and German Trade Union Confederation comments the results.  Joint positioning of Association of German Family Organisations, German Women’s Council, Federal […]

02.07.2018: AGF meeting on the EU Work-Life-Balance Package

Last year, the European Commission has published its proposal for a directive on work-life balance for parents and carers with concrete measures regarding, inter alia, family related leave schemes and flexible working arrangements. If finally a directive is agreed on, this may have direct impact on national legislation, since the Member States are obliged to implement the directive into national […]

03.07.2017: European Expert meeting on digitalization

On 3 July, AGF carried out an European Expert meeting on digitalization and family. Around 30 participants from Germany and other European countries discussed the question: “Growing up digital – How can we make the internet safe for children and young people?” The expert meeting aimed to give an overview about the situations and regulations in different European states and […]

Deckblatt Kitaqualität

25.06.2015: European Expert Meeting Good Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care

Experts from sciences, politics and organisations from different European countries discussed at the expert meeting, what good quality in early childhood education and care means and how it can be achieved. Therefore, the experiences and current developments in Finland, Scotland and Germany were presented and added by examples how to deal with ethnic diversity and of the current situation in […]

17.06.2014: Expert Meeting: Family time policy as a policy field

On Tuesday, 17 June ca. 35 european experts met on invitation of AGF to discuss the implementation of a so-called “family time policy” in different european states. They had a close look on the examples of Germany, the “Benelux”-states as well as the nothern states. Additionally an important pace-setter for family time was set into focus: a comparison of measures […]

28.03.2014: #FamiliesVOTE2014 debate on 28 March

In a joint event by COFACE, Eurofound and AGF, the publication “#FamiliesVOTE2014 – Helping you make your choice for the 2014 European Parliament Elections” was launched in Berlin. Additionally a Policy Brief by Eurofound was presented to discuss how to tackle the current political distrust and disengagement of European citizens, at the same time motivate voters to get engaged in […]

22.06.2012: AGF Expert Meeting on Family Reunification

According to the current EU debate, AGF has invited to an expert meeting on the right to family reunification. A special focus was on the situation in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, which have rather restrictive regulations. Participants widely critisised the implementation of the EU Directive on family reunification in these Member States. The expert meeting on family reunification took place […]